By partnering with us you can be assured that your clients will receive the best creative web design services available. All you have to do is the sales and we’ll do everything else from project management, web design to managing the hosting servers. 





Our Creative/Website Design WhiteLabel Resellers Program was designed for those that want to generate huge profits from offering Web and Website Design, Development, SEO, Cloud Based Phone System and Marketing Services to their clients. This program differs from the affiliate program in that it allows you to offer web services under your own company or label.  You operate totally independently of Your Company.


Your Company makes it possible for you to own your own web solutions business without having an ounce of creative design, marketing, programing or IT experience.


By partnering with us as a GOLD Member, you can be assured that your clients will receive unparalleled creative design and marketing services available on the market today. All you have to do is the sales and we’ll do everything else from project management, web design to managing the hosting servers.


Our WhiteLabel Reseller Program allows you to maintain total control over your business. You can continue to operate under your own company or brand name and offer solutions tailored to meet your customers’ needs. We remain completely anonymous, allowing you to build your own successful Internet business. It’s just that simple. If your clients have questions, you serve as the first line of support, forwarding any question you can’t answer to our experienced support staff.

  • 50% off ALL our listed prices!

  • Logo Design

  • Accept Online Payments via merchant account set up for WhiteLabel Reseller by  AppMe™ Solutions

  • Free Hosting on Reseller Website

  • Free Domain Registration

  • 100% Round-the-Clock Support

  • Digital Sales, Promotional and Marketing Material

  • Email Setup and Branded

  • Email Management System Setup (monthly costs apply if outside the Light Free version)

  • Unlimited Updates to the Reseller site on new services and or your requested edits

  • Wholesale Pricing on our website/creative design, maintenance and hosting services

  • Free and paid programs to help you build and grow your business

  • 100% support

  • Free and reduced cost web design services for your own business

  • Free sales and marketing training

  • Free and reduced cost promotional material Design


On the WhiteLabel Reseller Website there are prices listed, do I have to sell products and services at the price Your Company has listed on that site?

Absolutely not, as a WhiteLabel Reseller you are acting as your own business owner, you can sell our services and products at whatever rate you choose UP TO 500% our listed price. The WhiteLabel Resellers site is priced VERY competitively and provides suggested pricing as a starting point for our WhiteLabel Resellers that need help establishing their own pricing for clients. Please note that if you decide to sell products cheaper than the Your Company listed price, you will still be responsible for paying our cost to you in full.

Are your reseller plans anonymous?

We have made every effort to protect the identities of our Your Company WhiteLabel Resellers WhiteLabel Resellers. We support you with your clients acting as your staff. None of the promotional material we offer our WhiteLabel Resellers is branded by Your Company. As an Your Company WhiteLabel Reseller, we offer you the ability to sell our services under your own company. Your clients will never know that you aren’t actually providing the services, unless you tell them.

What services can I sell under the WhiteLabel Resellers is branded by Your Company program?

As a reseller, you can sell any services and packages offered by our company except small business consulting.

What is the next step?

All you have to do is select the Reseller Package that best suits your company’s needs, and let your sales rep know, he/she will finalize the enrollment and set up the monthly membership fee (if applicable) so that you can get started .

Do I have access to the reseller site when complete.

Unfortunately we do not provided access to the reseller site for it is Your Companys intellectual property and can only be edited by Your Company.

Can edits or alterations be made to the reseller site?

Yes, you have unlimited edit requests that Your Companys will implement for your reseller site.

Does the reseller site have unique copy?

No, the reseller site has copy that is universal, if you are looking for unique copy that would be SEO strong, our copywriters can create SEO-strong, unique copy for an additional cost, please ask your point of contact for more details.

How long will I have to pay this monthly membership fee?

Your membership fee can be canceled at any time, please read the Terms of Service policy you agreed to when filling out the reseller application for cancellation details and procedures to do so.

When do I get my promotional and marketing material?

Promotional and marketing material is provided upon request, once requested, allow ‘up-to’ two weeks to receive.

When do I get my email set up and branded?

Your custom email is provided upon request, once requested, the emails can only be set up when the reseller site is connected to the domain and live. Please allow ‘up-to’ two business days to receive.

How long will it take to get started?

Once you’ve informed your sales rep of the Reseller Package you choose to proceed with, you can start immediately. If you’ve selected the GOLD package, allow 'up to' two (2) weeks to receive your custom reseller site and all the marketing material included with it once we get the information we need from you in order to complete it.

Does my reseller site have a mobile version?

Your reseller site will be optimized for mobile (everything seen on a PC can be seen on mobile) but does not have a mobile version of the site included. To get a mobile version of the site will require an upgrade, inquire about costs with your point of contact.

When does my SEO KickStart package run?

The ad campaign launches when the reseller site is 100% complete.

Do I get everything included in your SEO KickStart Package?

We run Google PPC ads the moment the site is complete and you give the green light to launch the campaign. Email Marketing can only be done if you provide us with an approved subscriber list (list cannot exceed 2500 contacts). Social Media Ads can only be run on social media accounts that are pre-established or set up, we offer a service to set these accounts up at an additional cost, Inquire with your point of contact for more details.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions that we receive from current and prospective Your Company WhiteLabel Resellers. 

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